Sn60Pb40 solder sticks

60/40 Tin/Lead Solder Sticks ø 2-3mm

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These high quality 60/40 tin/lead solder sticks are perfect for creating strong, durable bonds between your glass pieces. Composed of 60% tin and 40% lead, it melts at 190°C and solidifies at 182°C, giving you an 8-degree working range for optimal control. This solder flows smoothly, is easy to rework, and sets to a shiny bead, striking a perfect balance between ease of use and quality results. Available in both 500g and 1kg packs. 

• Ideal for both copper foil and lead came techniques.
• Ideal for both hobbyists and professionals.

• Composition: 60% tin and 40% lead ( alloy Sn60Pb40)
• Thickness: ø 2-3mm
• Melting point: 183-190 °C

• The use of soldering tin can be harmful to health. Make sure you have the right safety measures.
• You can treat your work piece with Black Patina, which discolours the lead and soldering points to make the colours pop.

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