Celebrating Lego Day 2024 with Stained Glass Minifigures

History of Lego

Hey brick builders! International Lego Day is just around the corner, so let’s stroll down memory lane, shall we? The name "Lego" originates form Danish words "leg godt", which translate to "play well”. This concept was brought to life in 1932 by a master carpenter and toymaker, Ole Kirk Christiansen, from Billund, Denmark. It wasn’t until the 1940s that Lego transitioned from wooden to plastic toys, paving the way for the game-changing Lego brick. Patented in 1958, this nifty little brick, with its genius interlocking design, became the cornerstone of endless creativity we have all come to know and love today. For a deeper dive into Lego’s storied past, I recommend visiting Jay's Brick Blog.

Lego Day 

Lego Day on January 28th, marks the anniversary of the patenting of this iconic brick design. It's a day for fans across the globe to celebrate creativity, imagination, and the endless possibilities of those neat interlocking bricks.

Things to do on Lego Day

1. Build a Lego set

Got a new Lego set that’s still in the box? Today is the day to open it up! Or, you could bring an old set back to life.

2. Visit a Legoland theme park or Lego Discovery Center

With 11 Legoland parks (and a waterpark!) worldwide, there is loads of fun for both adults and kids. Just make sure to plan ahead. Lego Discovery Center is another great option, it has got build and play areas, café, shop and 4D cinema. It’s kid-focused, but still fun.

3. Watch a Lego film

There’s a bunch of Lego films out there, pick your favourite. Feel like binging? Go for it, no one’s judging.

4. Do a Lego challenge

Create your own mini challenges or find some online. Like, can you build a robot with the pieces you have? Just grab some loose Lego bricks and challenge your Lego buddy.

5. Craft a stained glass Lego minifigure

Stained Glass Geek is bringing something special to the table this year: a collection of 12 stained glass patterns inspired by some favourite classic Lego minifigures voted on by awesome Patreon community. Why minifigures, you ask? These little guys have been bringing life to every Lego set and it’s about time they got some spotlight.

Collection of 12 Lego Minifigures Inspired Stained Glass Patterns 

Stick around for some fun facts about these little guys coming up next!

5 Fun Facts About Lego Minifigures

1. The earliest Lego minifigures had non-moving parts. It wasn't until the introduction of a Police Officer minifigure that we saw the first one with movable limbs. 

Lego Police Officer Minifigure
2. Minifigures had no gender distinction and were designed with just a standard yellow head and a simple smiling face. This was the only facial expression available until the late 1980s.

3. Every Lego minifigure is exactly four bricks tall. This consistency has been a key part of Lego's design, making sure all the minifigures fit perfectly in any set.

4. Can you believe there are more Lego minifigures than people on Earth? As of the mid-2000s, over 4 billion minifigures had been produced, outnumbering the human population!

5. Some minifigures are crazy rare, like the 14-karat gold C-3PO. Only 5 were ever made, so they’re a collector’s dream!

    Your Turn to Shine

    If you decided to try out crafting your own stained glass Lego minifigure this year, head over to this page and grab one of those patterns. Don’t forget to share your amazing creations on social media and tag me, I am super excited to see your unique spin on this series! And hey, some of the characters have been transformed to ready-to-show-off sun-catchers, ready to be part of your of your home décor. 

    Special Lego Day Promotion 

    Here is the cherry on top: All email subscribers get an awesome 20% off on these new patterns! Not subscribed yet? Now’s the perfect time to join the club!

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    Happy Lego Day, everybody!

    Arjan Boeve

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