A Mario Day Tribute Through Stained Glass

Hey fellas, today's a special day in the gaming world, a day when we put on our red caps, hum the iconic theme tunes in celebration of Mario Day! I figured it's the perfect time to take a warp pipe straight back to the good old days and share a little about my personal connection to Super Mario and how it all intertwines with my passion for stained glass art.   

Just a Geeky Kid from 86’ 

Born in the year 1986, I share an era with legends such as Mario, Metroid, and Zelda. These aren't just games to me, they're pieces of a childhood that crafted the geek I am today. Growing up with the evolution of gaming, from the NES to the innovation of the N64 and the ergonomic marvel of the GameCube controllers, was like living in a golden age of creativity and fun. These consoles were my companions through the rollercoaster of my teenage years.   

My first encounter with Mario was Super Mario Bros 2 on the NES. I remember saving up every penny to buy it for 100 Dutch guilders (currency used back in the days, about 50 Euro these days) when I was just an 8-year-old kid. Bought it with my dad in this huge toy store in Utrecht Catharijne, felt like a mini adventure, you know? That day marked the beginning of my lifelong gaming journey. But it was Super Mario Bros 3 that truly stole my heart.  


 Super Mario Bros 2    


Then came my all-time favorites: Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Galaxy. They blew my mind with their leap into 3D and their out-of-this-world creativity. And let’s not forget the latest Mario adventures on the Switch—they keep that childhood spark alive and jumping. 

 Super Mario 64


Super Mario Galaxy


Crafting Pixels into Glass 

So, how did I go from gaming geek to stained glass geek? Well, back in August 2015, while living in the beautiful Normandy, France, I started to experiment with stained glass, something that I always wanted to try. And guess who inspired my first pieces? Yep, Mario was there from the start. My first pieces were a set of power-ups framed up that I named “In Case of Emergency”.  


Super Mario Power-ups "In Case of Emergency" 


Super Mario not only influenced my early works but also led to some of the most memorable projects I've undertaken. One Christmas, I had the honor of crafting a set of four controller-themed stained glass pieces for a special, famous client.  

 N64 Game Controller Stained Glass 

But perhaps my most monumental Mario-inspired work was the big Princess Peach window, commissioned by a couple in Ireland. This piece stands as a testament to the scope and impact of Mario's influence on my art. 


Princess Peach Stained Glass Window


Even in my personal space, Mario made his mark. My recently sold home featured a set of Mario-inspired windows, a testament to the blend of personal and professional passion. These window panels, now in search of a new home (will be on my website soon), are a symbol of my journey and the inseparable link between my love for gaming and glass art. 

 Super Mario Themed Window Panels


A Geek's Reflection 

So, why share all this? Because Mario isn't just a game character, he's a source of inspiration, a bridge to my past, and a constant reminder of how creativity can transform our lives in the most beautiful ways. Whether you’re into games, stained glass, or just someone who appreciates the nostalgia of the '80s and '90s, I hope my story lights up that creative spark in you.  

Powering Up the Present with New Creations 

As we gear up to celebrate Mario Day, I’ve been hard at work in my studio, channeling all this nostalgia and joy into some brand-new stained glass pieces. This year, I’m super excited to unveil a collection that pays homage to our favourite plumber, his friends, and the countless adventures we’ve shared. From propeller mushrooms to fire flowers, each piece is crafted with love, a bit of geeky passion, and the hope that they’ll bring a smile to your face. 


Super Mario Themed Sun-catchers


So, here’s to Mario, to the countless adventures we’ve shared, and to the many more to come. Happy Mario Day, everyone! 

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